Payday loans are a great option for people who wish to take quick loans without impressive credit scores. Same day loans are not reflected as hard inquiries in financial reports because direct lenders of payday loans conduct credit checks that preserve your credit score that would have otherwise decreased. However, taking up a payday loan online means you need to know as much about it as possible so you do not get anything wrong.

What are inquiries?

In the US, you have two different types of inquiries, hard and soft ones. It is important to know about them and the way they affect your credit score. Soft inquiries are used for the pre-approval or where people want to check their own credit scores. Hard inquiries are the ones used to make hard decisions. Payday loans are excluded from the hard credit inquiries because they do not directly affect your credit history.

What the online payday borrowers are going to look at is your history of borrowing and whether you have been consisting of payment, and whether or not you are making the payment according to the repayment schedule. In irregular cases, the lender has the right to hire a third party collecting agency. This is the phase where your payday loan will be reflected in your history, where collecting agencies equip credit reporting agencies with this information.

How they affect you

When it comes to payday loans online, you need to be extremely careful and aware of your repayments, since the negative effect can mar your credit file for up to seven years and very obviously affect your credit score. This is because payment history is one of the main determinants in the scoring system. Your obligation might go into the collection, which implies that you have not fulfilled the requirements and terms set out by the agreement. And according to these collections, your credit score is at the risk of decreasing gradually.

What should you do?

Normally, you will not be at risk for late repayments since the point of a payday loan is that you pay it off the day you get your paycheck. Just make sure to get all the details from the company you choose to borrow from and keep away from fraudulent companies who try to scam you out of giving more money than you need to.